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~ Dari Kami Seluruh Warga E22 ~


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The E22 has two Rest and Service areas at Layang, one on either side of the highway, being the East Bound Rest & Service Area, and the West Bound Rest & Service Area.

 The location of the rest and services area are:

  • West Bound: KM31
  • East Bound: KM32

Details of the Rest and Service Area, West & East Bound

  • A food court within a reasonable walking distance from the car park
  • Clear unobstructed access from the food court to the toilets and surau
  • Surau strategically sited at a quiet end in a park-like landscaped setting
  • A simple two-way car parking system for smooth traffic flow and drivers’ convenience
  • Police Beats is located at the centre of a group of three buildings for better supervision and visibility
  • Wakafs, playground and fruit stalls are provided at strategic locations to further enhance travellers' convenience
  • Extensive covered walkway system to assist visitors getting to the public convenience with minimal exposure to the weather